Topic: I am buying a Betta fish but I dont know whether to get a female or a male. I have no idea regarding the differences if them or if I can just put them together. Ive heard all Betta fish need to live on their own because they are Japanese fighting fish. This beginner needs some help. I am doing some research prior to buying and caring or the actual fish. I want to be completely ready. Please help this beginner.

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Reply from Tricia J:
I am more of a fan of the female Betta because they are less popular and just as cool. They may not be as beautiful but not all things need to be beautiful. It seems that 70% of Betta fish owners only want the makes evacuee they have this fighter stereotype and have long beautiful fins with vibrant colors. I understand how a person can love the male. It really amounts to what your looking for in your fish keeping. Here is a list of pros for each of them to give more of a visual layout.

Pros to Male Betta:

  • Beautiful Appearance One fish.
  • Easy to care for
  • Cool fighter stereotype

Pros to Female Betta:

  • Community Fish. Roommates
  • Less mainstream fish
  • Very Small. More Fish
  • Breeding Possibility

Reply from Danny U:
Its easy to see hands-down why the male beta fish is a lot more popular. It just has that beautiful look brand-new other fish has and its a really easy fish to care for and you can have it in the small little jar as to what people think. To get this great feeling because I can have the small little jar in the kitchen or else at the job place and put it on their desk when which they work at.

It would be cool if people started to really enjoy the female little bit more. I kind of feel like its the ugly duckling of the bunch and it doesnt get enough attention to be a pet fish. Its really cool to see an entire website devoted to the female the lake this year and people enjoy the kind of under rated ugly fish more or less. Think people who really appreciate the females are the dedicated aquarium owners that have been in the industry for a while.

Ive had a lot better luck with the female because you can put them with other fish like mollies and swordtail fish and such. I also had a 30 gallon tank in which I breeded her bred some females and I had almost 100 fish in there and they absolutely were awesome. You will find that if you overpopulate an aquarium with a lot of females you can put some males in there too and they get along just perfectly. Its kind of funny how when the male is outnumbered he can it just puts his aggression on the side its kind of just the same as a military aspect.

Posted by Nathan H:
I like to keep both.. call me a sucker but I couldnt make the choice and just had to go with both. I have a tank devoted to just females and a tank devoted to one male. It truly is a simple choice to just go with both sexes. Hopefully that helps. haha