Question: I swear to you that my betta is a female. It seems like everyone else says its a male though. The specialist at pet smart said that this particular one was actually a female even though it looks like a male. I think she might be pregnant too so that would really define her as a female right.?

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Posted by Ronny Y.
You are probably just thinking of what is known as bubble nests to be eggs. Do a bit of research on betta bubble nests and you will learn how they work. Quite fascinating actually. Dont take this wrong but those specialists at pet stores make like $8 an hour if that. They basically get payed to sit around and do nothing. I used to work at a pet smart and I only worked there for part time tell I was out of college. They dont have any qualifications and really dont know much about fish.

Now please know that I say that with a grain of salt because on the other end of the spectrum there are lots of specialists that are also employed. I have met very knowledgeable employees that work at my local pet stores but most of them are just college kids looking for just a part-time job. I wish they would take a little more Prakashan and hiring some of these people because theyre telling people the wrong things and these animals are actually dying.

I have read so many horror stories online about people saying that the pet store employee told them to do this and that and it turned into a total nightmare for them. It may not seem like a big deal when you spend five dollars on a small fish dies but the moral of the idea is that these animals are dying because the research and education is just not there. I have heard that some of them make these people that are employed take a small quiz and pass a test to be knowledgeable on these animals but Im still hearing these horror stories.

So if theyre taking these tests then why arent our animals or why are you still hearing these horror stories. And whatever happened to just holding your hand up high when he didnt know something and just going to ask someone else instead of just making something up and just going with the train of thought. These want to be no Woodalls of this generation just really bug me if you just dont know what the razor hand and just call it out and say I need some help your cause I dont know it.

Sorry about the small grant here but dont get me started or else I will never finish on the fact of hurting innocent animals.

Posted by Fred Z.
He is right on with that one. Just because Joey at pets America told u something doesnt make it true. Those guys dont know crap half the time! I told myself I was going to be done even talking I them because they claim thins they dont even know.

Posted by Vincent M.
I work at a pet store and am pretty confident in what I tell people. And yes I do make 8 dollars an hour.. How did you know that. It seems we all must be getting payed the same amount of money no matter what ehhh.. Kind of scary but I guess its the sad truth. Ive noticed a lot of these employees that work for pet stores are covered in tattoos too which I find very odd.

Posted by Matt R.
Betta fish are distinctly different between male and female. The female will look super plain with no exotic fins and the males will have long fins that make it very cosmetically appealing to the eyes. An about the eggs.. Maybe its feces .. Idk. Get back to us when u actually see eggs.