You can view this help guide on taking care of betta fish in under 5 minutes. This dude cares about the fish and its easy to see. Or wait.. that guy is me.. haha. Let me know what you think of my video here. After thousands of comments, I am happy to see the video take off finally. These fish are my life and I love hearing other peoples stories. Let me know how your fish are doing or any issues or problems you may have going on.

Let Me Know What You Think:

Posted by Nathan R:
I have a personal question for you. Do you think that its fine for my beta fish to live inside of flower vase for at least a couple of months well I can save up some money to buy a bigger tank? I know when your video that you say that you advise nothing below five gallons but is it okay if I just do it for a couple of months until I can save some money? I actually was given the beta Buy a friend that was moving out-of-state and cannot handle the fish anymore.

*Reply from BettaGuru:
Thats totally fine to do but I would advise not to let it procrastinate into more than a couple of months because a lot of people do this. They keep telling themselves that theyre going to upgrade the small aquarium from the flower vase and it never happens in the fish get stuck inside of it for five years later. I would personally just like to tell you that its not okay for any longer than one months how about that maybe thatll push you.

Posted by Erica B:
Im having some problems with my fish not eating? The pet store gave me some pallets and told me these were the best food for my fish but I am having some issues because hes not eating anything. Is my fish sick or what is happening here?

*Reply from BettaGuru:
Im pretty sure you didnt actually watch the video because I think its number for worse state that these fish get sick of pellets and flakes and fish stores are trying to shove these down the throats and its not the best food. Your fish probably isnt eating because hes getting sick of this stuff or else hes just not hungry. Would advise you to watch the video and just analyze each step a little closer and you will learn a lot Im taking care of your fish.

Posted by Vicky M:
What are the differences between the two sacks of these fish and I was wondering if I can put a female with a male sex? I have a mail right now inside of a 5 gallon aquarium but he seems to be extremely depressed and very lonely. It seems to me like they would possibly just breed and I could have a very happy family and that would be completely awesome to watch for my family as well. So what do you say can I put the two together and do the next well?

*Reply from BettaGuru:
As stated in the video I say that these fish do not mix well. There is a good reason that the beta is also called the Japanese fighter fish because they are extremely aggressive and they will fight till the death. If you put a female with a male you will most likely have aggression issues occurring.

Posted by Alyssa N:
I need to know how to take care of these fish immediately because my mom just bought me one and I have no idea what to do. I have so many questions regarding the watertight that I can put inside of the tank because his water starting to get dirty. I need your help on giving me a basic lesson on how to care for these fish.

*Reply from BettaGuru:
It seems to me like the video being posted above isnt being washed by a lot of people what they are just posting questions without watching it which is really kind of aggravating to me. If you can just go ahead and watch the video its designed to give you step-by-step basic care so that you can learn how to care for this fish. Im not really sure how to put it in a nicer way but if you just watch the video right ahead like what the pages that youre on right now you will be totally fine just listen and comprehend the steps.