Water Temp, Need a Heater?

Water Temps

I just bought a betta fish and need to know what water temperature it should have to live happily. I read that if fish dont have the right water temp they can go into shock. I would hate to have my betta die just because my water was too cold. What temperature should the water be?


The betta fish also known as the Japanese fighter loves warmer water since it is in fact a tropical fish. A recommended temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A small bowl should be kept at room temperature at bare minimum. This is going to be the coldest these fish get away with.

If you plan on putting your betta fish in a ten gallon tank then I would advise for you to get a small tank heater. They usually are cheap and cost under $20. Just buy the heater according to your tank size. Example, a 20 gallon aquarium needs a 20 gallon heater. Rocket science isnt needed for this one here.

What happens to a tropical fish when it is put under colder habitat is it slowly starts to get sickly. Its almost like putting a human under stress of limiting its oxygen. It is just not safe and not advised for the fish under any circumstances. A minimum of 70 degrees Fahrenheit is advised for these fish and shouldnt go lower. Lots of these fish die on people and I believe this to be the leading cause of it. I have cared for Bettas for years now and have found that these fish thrive much better under higher water temperatures.