Question: I have really grown an interest to the female Betta. These Japanese fighting fish are super cool when you get down to it. The male is so aggressive that it cant be in a tank with others and the female is totally the opposite. Anyways.. how many females can I put together inside one tank or aquarium at once? I want to get as many as I can in one tank. Please help me figure this out. Thanks!

Post from Danielle S:
You forgot to mention what size tank you have and some of the parameters around that. Im guessing you have a 10 gallon aquarium because they are super popular for beginners and a terrible tank to own but thats a different story. You could prolly get away with having 6 females in one ten gallon tank pretty easily. I have heard that people generally use the one inch of fish per every gallon of water rule. If you figure a Betta fish at 1.5 1.75 inches.. That puts you at the perfect amount of fish.

Post from Kevin E:
I use to be really into female Betta fish too until someone told me that they only life for around 2 years due to some sort of breeding and nesting issues. I was told that the fish only live so long because of they dont breed and get rid of the eggs inside of them they die due to over expansion. I could never really find facts to back up that idea but I literally could not get a female Betta to live longer than 3 years and I just started to believe it I guess. If anyone has more information regarding that I would be thrilled to read up on it. For now I switched over to gourami fish because they are tropical too but my passion is in the Betta for sure.

Post from Vicky T:
When I first started out, I had 10 Betta fish in one ten gallon aquarium and I filtered the water pretty strongly with no gravel in the tank either. The fish were happy but didnt care for the water movement or current from the filter. I tried to put a decoration right at the mouth of the filter to try and deter the current as much as possible and it did help some.

Post from David H:
That seems over populated to me and If they didnt like the current that might not have been good for their health. My main question would be how long did they live for under those stressed conditions. Do females show any spunk or personality towards other bettas or no? I just envision these fish to be so plain and boring.. not sure how you guys can be such fans to a boring fish like this. Molly fish on the other hand are super similar except they have tons more personality and they live longer and they are more beautiful in my opinion. Just trying to figure out what does it for people on these fish? I can understand the males because of cosmetics but the females I just dont know and Im unsure.