Time has come for me to write an About Us guide it seems.. This site is completely devoted to female bettas as you can see and we live, eat, and sleep aquarium fish. I am the co-founder of Fish Aquarium Geeks the hangout. We are mainly a large facebook group right now but we are growing into a regular forum as well. We like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to sharing our information on the sites. We do have a heavy moderation team and do not take lightly to spam.

We take pride in calling this a hobby and some of us even live it as a career. This site was started by Chris as just a hobby site but it kind of took off to where it needed a moderation team to follow. If you are interested in seeing some videos, there are a lot of videos posted on female bettas too. On the sidebar we have now focused a certain video on caring for betta fish that Chris put together years ago and has really taken off.  Videos are some of the most fun learning medias in the aquarium space we have learned.

If you are interested in becoming part of the moderation team over at Fish Aquarium Geeks or a section of the network.. please follow the contact section because we are always looking for valuable moderators. Maybe you love the hobby and are always hanging out here anyway.. We are looking and need some helpers. In the right scenarios there are even helpers being compensated in different ways.

Our team basically consists of a bunch of aquarium geeks. Hence the name fish aquarium geeks.. haha. The name sort of just came easy and took off. Were hoping to one day see a vision where people are happy to wear t-shirts that say the words fish aquarium geeks right on the face.